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RI Trikke (New England's only Trikke® Dealer)
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Welcome to RI Trikke, New England's only authorized Trikke® Dealer!.

We're delighted to be able to introduce New England to this superb, full-body fitness toy. It's easy to master and great fun for the whole family, from toddlers on up to grandparents! And your spine will thank you for putting it back into use.

For more information, email us at ask@ritrikke.com

CopyrightX community proposal

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: CopyrightX

This is directly and ironically related to Presidential Exercise below. Watch the first video and you'll see what I mean. See CopyrightX and Copyright Act of 1790 for more detail.

Presidential Exercise

It seems that I'm not the only nuclear submariner that regards the Trikke highly. Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes interviewed President Jimmy Carter and commented upon him and his wife riding Trikkes recently. Keep On Trikkin' Mr. President!

All Ages Appropriate

As the photographs below show, people of all ages can Trikke: if you can walk, you can Trikke. Thank you, Rona, both for modelling and for allowing us to use your pictures! Keep on Trikkin'!


At this point, almost all of our updates are taking place on three pages: (1) our Google Calendar, (2) our Twitter page, and (3) our Google Maps.

What is a Trikke®?

The Boston Globe has one answer, but there are many more answers.

I want one of those standing, swinging, leaning from side-to-side, pedalless, seatless, adult, three-wheeled carving tricycles (aka 3CV for 3-wheeled Carving Vehicle; NOT the French Citro├źn "3CV trois Cheval-Vapeur, or "three horsepower" automobile) that utilizes conservation of angular momentum to allow riders to propel themselves forward at speeds of around 20mph!

Keep on Trikkin'™

Hey, Truckin' was fun in the sixties, right!? But now you can take Robert Crumb's optimistic, distinctive, confident, iconic strut and change it up! Incorporate a Trikke® into your day, and instead of Truckin', you'll be Trikkin' your way across the land. It's zero-impact, easy on the knees, and feels even better than Truckin'! Keep on Trikkin'™!

A musical mnemonic when learning to Trikke®

When you ROCK from left to right
while standing on a Trikke®
your Trikke® starts to ROLL
Thus, when you Trikke®, you ROCK to ROLL.

Calendar of Events

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